Incredibly flexible and suitable for wired, wireless or hybrid set-ups, Versa is the perfect alarm system for small- to mid-sized projects. Control panels are available in both premium and basic styles, ensuring there is a versatile, cost-effective option for any property type. As a grade 2 alarm, Versa is an ideal choice for many residential properties that require safe, discreet security measures.

  • For small- to mid-sized projects
  • Wired, wireless or hybrid option available
  • Both premium and basic keypads / touch panels available 



  • capacitive 7” touchscreen reacting even to a slight touch
  • graphical user interface with color icons
  • MACRO functions for easy control of the alarm system and home automation components (supported only by the INTEGRA and INTEGRA Plus control panels)
  • customizable status screen to suit the user's preferences
  • 2 zones (only supported by the INTEGRA and INTEGRA Plus control panels)
  • PANIC, FIRE, MEDICAL alarms can be triggered from the keypad
  • Available in: black/silver/ white finish


  • capacitive 4.3” touchscreen reacting even to a slight touch
  • graphical user interface with colorful icons
  • MAKRO features to facilitate home automation control
  • LEDs informing about the current system status
  • possibility of tailoring the status screen to user’s needs
  • 2 zones (only supported by the INTEGRA and INTEGRA Plus control panels)
  • possibility to activate PANIC, FIRE and AUX alarms
  • Available in: black/silver/ white finish


  • large, easily readable LCD display
  • LED indicators for partition and system status indication
  • dedicated buttons for quick selection of arming mode (away/stay day/stay night)
  • keypad hold-down PANIC, FIRE and AUX alarms
  • display and keypad backlight
  • acoustic indication of system events
  • indication of communication loss


  • wireless version of the standard VERSA-LCDM 
Proximity card reader


  • partitions arming and disarming with proximity cards or tags
  • support for 125 kHz passive transponders
  • 3 programmable partition arm modes
  • 3 LEDs for system state indication and user interface display
  • built-in buzzer
PIR Sensors


The GRAPHITE passive infrared detector detects movement in a protected area. The large coverage area (over 100 m2) has been achieved owing to the patented geometry of Fresnel lenses.


Compact motion detector utilizes new generation microprocessor, which assures performance available until now only in significantly larger devices. Small dimensions and attractive design ensures minimal impact to the protected interiors design, which will be appreciated by the most demanding customers. To facilitate its installation, Topaz detector contains built-in EOL resistors.


Amber is a motion detector using dual element PIR sensor. Digital detection algorithm and temperature compensation algorithm are used for reliable operation in a wide range of ambient temperatures as well as high immunity to false alarms. Two sensitivity levels are available: high and low. The device has a red LED indicating violation of the supervised area as well as tamper protection against opening the enclosure. Amber is characterized by low power consumption (< 3 mA).

PIR pet friendly sensors

Graphite PET

  • home pet immunity up to 15 kg
  • high quality dual element pyrosensor
  • new generation DSP and analysis algorithm
  • precise LODIFF Frensel sealed optics
  • digital temperature compensation
  • remotely triggered test mode
  • alarm latch feature
  • build-in EOL resistors
PIR outdoor sensors


  • dual technology: PIR and microwave
  • anti-masking function based on the microwave technology
  • configuration of the sensitivity of detection paths using the PCB buttons
  • splash-proof polycarbonate enclosure, IP54 rated
  • tamper protection against opening and detachment
  • digital temperature compensation for correct detector operation in -40°C to +55°C temperature range
  • can be used in adverse weather conditions (rain, snow, fog, strong wind)
  • high immunity to false alarms because of the use of auto-tuning algorithm
  • look down creep zone control
  • small animal immunity option (up to 20 kg)
  • low power consumption
  • can be installed directly on a flat surface or with the use of dedicated brackets from BRACKET C set:
    • angle type bracket: constant 45° angle
    • ball-joint bracket: adjustable vertically through 60° and horizontally through 90°


Door/Window contacts


The device is available in two color versions: white and brown.

  • surface mounted
  • tamper contact with terminals
  • plastic body


The S-2 detector is available in two color versions: white and brown.

  • insert mounted
  • tamper loop
  • sealed body


The VD-1 detector is available in two color versions: white and brown.

  • piezoceramic vibration sensor
  • digital signal processing
  • detection sensitivity and settings adjustment
  • NC relay output for connection to intruder alarm panels
  • independent integrated magnetic contact
Interior sounder


  • acoustic alarm: piezoelectric transducer
  • tamper protection against opening / detaching from the mounting surface
  • emergency power supply with 9V battery


SPW- 250

The SPW-250 optical-acoustic siren is available in three color versions: SPW-250 R (red), SPW-250 BL (blue) and SPW-250 O (orange).

  • acoustic signaling: piezo transducer
  • automatic alarm on power failure
  • lithium battery back-up power
  • tamper protection against:
    • opening
    • removing from mounting surface


Exterior sounder


The SPL-2010 optical-acoustic siren is available in three color versions: SPL-2010 R (red), SPL-2010 BL (blue) and SPL-2010 O (orange).

  • acoustical signaling: piezo transducer
  • optical signaling: ultra bright LEDs
  • inner metal shield
  • tamper protection against:
    • removal from mounting surface
    • lid opening
    • damping the siren with acoustical signaling with PUR foam 


SP- 4004

  • full EN50131 Grade 2 compliance
  • acoustic signalling: piezo
  • optical signalling: LED
  • inner metal shield
  • tamper protection against:
    • removal from mounting
    • opening
  • optional 6 v 1,2 Ah battery
  • built-in level to facilitate aesthetic mounting
  • available also in blue (SP-4004 BL) and orange (SP-4004 O)
Control panels


  • EN50131 Grade 2 compliance
  • 15 zones expandable up to 30:
    • NO, NC, EOL, 2EOL/NO, 2EOL/NC zone configurations
    • support for vibration and roller shutter detectors
    • detectors supervision
  • additional tamper input
  • 4 up to 12 programmable outputs
  • 2 supply outputs
  • 2 partitions:
    • 3 arming modes for each partition
    • arming/disarming by users or timer controlled
  • communication bus for keypads, readers and expansion modules
  • RS-232 port (RJ type socket) for panel programming built-in telephone dialer for:
    • reporting (SIA, ContactID, other)
    • personal messaging (8 telephone numbers, 64 text/16 voice messages)
    • remote programming (built-in 300 bps modem)
  • support for GSM/GPRS communicator:
    • SMS/GPRS reporting
    • voice/SMS messaging
  • support for TCP/IP communicator:
    • e-mail messaging
    • TCP/IP reporting
  • system operation via:
    • LCD or LED keypads (up to 6)


The VERSA IP control panel is designed for protection of small and medium-sized premises. It allows you to create a wired or wireless system, as well as a hybrid one, which combines both these kinds of system. It is compatible with ACU-120 and ACU-270 controllers, which offer an excellent operating range for the ABAX family devices - even up to 500 m in the open.


  • EN50131 Grade 2 compliance
  • 4 programmable wired zones:
    • support for NO and NC type detectors, and roller shutter and vibration detectors
    • support for EOL and 2EOL configuration
  • additional tamper input, NC type
  • 5 programmable wired outputs:
    • 2 high-current outputs
    • 2 high-current outputs, OC type
    • 1 relay output
  • 3 power outputs
  • output for connecting dedicated enclosure-mounted piezoelectric transducer (acoustic signaling),
  • maximum number of programmable zones: 30
  • maximum number of programmable outputs: 12
  • system subdivision into 2 partitions:
    • each zone can be assigned to two partitions

OMI- 1

OMI-1 is a robust, surface-mounted metal enclosure, which is designed for installation of SATEL's control panels, modules and expanders. It comes with an integrated AC/AC transformer, having 20 VA rating and 18 V AC, 50 Hz output voltage. It is provided with double tamper protection against opening the enclosure and tearing it off the wall. The enclosure is designed for indoor use.

As it meets EN-50131 Grade 3 requirements, the enclosure can be used in high security alarm systems.

Dimensions: 290 x 285 x 105 mm

OMI- 2

Dimensions: 325 x 310 x 110 mm


OMI- 3

Dimensions: 330 x 405 x 110 mm



OPU-3 P is a robust, surface-mounted enclosure, made of white ABS plastic. The enclosure has sufficient space for installation of 40VA or 60VA network transformers, and can also accommodate a 7 Ah or 17 Ah, 12 V backup battery. As it neither blocks nor weakens the radio signal, wireless devices including their antennas can be installed inside the enclosure

Communication modules


  • GSM backup for telephone line 
  • support for two SIM cards 
  • telephone line supervision with automatic switching to GSM 
  • 4 programmable inputs 
  • telephone reporting conversion to SMS/GPRS/CSD 
  • 3 outputs for DTMF/SMS/CLIP remote control 
  • pager (DTMF) to SMS conversion 
  • CLIP test transmissions 

ETHM-1 Plus

  • TCP/IP or UDP reporting
  • remote programming via DLOADX program
  • INTEGRA system supervision via GUARDX program
  • INTEGRA system operation from WWW browser level
  • ability to operate the system from a mobile phone using the INTEGRA CONTROL application
  • event notification capability using e-mail messages (only INTEGRA Plus)
  • encrypted data transmission
Water flood detector


The FD-1 water flood detector is provided with a probe on 3 m long wire. The wire can be shortened, as required, to make installation easier and mounting location more suitable for the user needs. The flooding alarm is triggered when the probe electrode comes into contact with water. The detector is also provided with a LED to indicate alarm, as well as with tamper protection against opening the enclosure or tearing off.

FD-1 is designed for installation in bathrooms, kitchens, laundries (at dishwasher, washing machine, etc.), basements and other areas with water installations. It is also an ideal solution to protect rooms with aquarium tank, water bed, etc.

The detector is available in two color versions: white and brown


Panic button


Latching panic button designed to instantly trigger the alarm or initiate the procedure of reporting an emergency situation, involving danger to life and property, in the protected building to the monitoring station. The device is used, for example, in premises which may be exposed to hold-ups, including bank branches, currency exchange businesses, shops, warehouses, offices, etc. 

The button is compatible with any alarm control panel provided with NC relay inputs. Inside the PNK-1 button is a reed switch is installed, the contacts of which open on pressing the button. The device is provided with a spring that releases the button after it has been pushed in. You can remove the spring and thus obtain a button with mechanical memory of use. In premises where several latching panic buttons are installed, such a solution allows you to identify the one that triggered the alarm. The button can be reset to its initial position by using the attached key.

Smoke sensor


  • unique Swirl chamber for increased smoke sensitivity
  • EN54-7 compliant smoke detection
  • EN54-5 compliant heat detection
  • selectable operating mode (smoke, heat, multisensor)
  • line type configuration (NO/NC/2EOL) with DIP switches
  • precision stainless steel Hexamesh filter
  • smoke chamber dirt build-up indicator
  • easy installation with detachable base
  • compatible with all 12V alarm panels