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  • Touchscreen/Keypad

    An elegant interface offers intuitive control for your entire alarm system, along with smart home functionality.

  • Heat/ smoke detector
    Heat/ smoke detector

    A high-sensitivity, omni-directional detector detects both visible smoke and rising temperatures, so it can rapidly identify when a fire is starting.

  • PIR sensor
    PIR sensor

    A dual-element passive infra-red PIR sensor that can be adapted for rooms up to 100m2 in size.

    Can be specified with in-built tolerance for animals up to 15 kg in size.

  • Outdoor PIR sensor
    Outdoor PIR sensor

    A high-quality outdoor sensor with temperature adjustment and stepless sensitivity adjustment

  • Door/window contact surface mounted and vibration/contact sensor
    Door/window contact surface mounted and vibration/contact sensor

    Magnetic sensors mounted on doors and windows work to keep your home fully secured. Ultra-sensitive vibration sensors can even detect a failed break-in attempt.

  • Carbon monoxide sensor
    Carbon monoxide sensor

    A microprocessor-based carbon monoxide detector that detects dangerous gas concentrations, keeping you and your family safe at all times.

  • Indoor sounder
    Indoor sounder

    A tamper-proof indoor alarm that features an emergency power supply, meaning it can operate independently of the alarm control panel.

  • Flood detector
    Flood detector

    A flood detection unit with an adjustable sensor can be configured to detect water up to 3m from the unit itself. Comes with a robust, tamper-proof cover.

  • Panic button
    Panic button

    A latch-operated panic button can instantly trigger the property’s alarm system in the event of an emergency as well as sending a remote notification requesting assistance.

  • Outdoor sounder
    Outdoor sounder

    An optical-acoustic siren for outdoor use, capable of emitting tones up to 120 dB in volume. Combines weather-proofing with a tamper-protected outer cover for constant reliable operation.

  • Enclosure (Including control panel, transformer and battery)
    Enclosure (Including control panel, transformer and battery)

    A robust, surface-mounted enclosure with double-tamper resistance for the discreet storage of control panels, extension and communication modules and controllers, as well as other devices.

Complete smart security protection for commercial and residential properties


With a depth of only 22mm, a Satel touchscreen can be completely flush-mounted to the wall for elegant installation. Multiple colours and customisable features ensure that your alarm system blends perfectly into the décor.

Remote access anywhere in the world

The Satel app gives you complete control over your smart security system, letting you arm or disarm the property, check the live status of your cameras and sensors or even track your alerts log to see what’s been going on while you were away.